What WordPress theme is that?

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What WordPress Theme Is That is a tool which indicates what WordPress theme a website is using. Very useful if you have seen a nice website you would also like to have.

Sometimes you see a template of which you think, I want that too. But how do you find out which one it is? Well, there is a tool which recognizes the original theme.

Through the website What WordPress theme is That, you can trace the origin, so who developed the theme. It also gives an overview of the plugins that were used. So great this is possible!

It’s very simple. You go to the website What WordPress Theme Is That and you fill in the domain name of the website of which you want to know what theme it was built on.

Welk WordPress theme

What WordPress theme is that?

Then What WordPress Theme is That shows which theme it is and where you can get it. It also shows information like which version of the theme it is, who the maker is etc.

The tool also does something else; it gives an overview of which plugins the website your are looking for has. This can be very useful if you see a certain functionality on the website and you want to know which plugin to use for this.

In most cases this tool will trace the origin of the WordPress theme. But sometimes it’s not possible. This can also mean that the website you entered is not in fact a WordPress website.

What WordPress Theme Is That has existed for more than five years and meets a need. This is what the creator says about the site:

This site was created in early 2011 to answer the many forum requests asking “What WordPress Theme Is That?” It came well before a series of copycat sites were created.

If you want to use another website tool to find out if it is a WordPress website, then you can use Isitwp.com.

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