Quora helps you find topics for your blog

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Quora is the website where people ask questions and get them answered. On the platform you can find out about which topics you can write for your blog.

Because: it is an often asked question by bloggers: what should I write about?

Especially if you publish often on your blog it can be hard to find suitable topics.

There are various sources from which you can draw inspiration to think of topics. Topics that are popular amongst your target audience and which will help you get more visitors.

One of them is Quora, an English website where thousands of questions are asked every day.

And they often also get answered!


Quora, how does it work?

First you need to sign up with Quora. Through your Facebook account or Google account you can register instantly. Then Quora asks you what your interests are (you click on a couple) and on that basis the platform creates a personal profile.

After which you will have access to the thousands of questions and answers.

These answers are often so extensive that they almost grow into complete articles.

And this is the power of Quora, you see what is popular within the community or with your target audience. For example the questions:

Which hosting is good to host WordPress? And how to install WordPress?

Apparently there are often questions about this and it is a consideration to write an article about this.

People ask questions here in every branch and Quora also has an overview of the trending topics.

Dutch forums

The answers are predominantly in English, but this shouldn’t be a problem: the topics are often universal.

If you still want to know what is popular amongst Dutch people, then you can of course visit Dutch forums.

If you want to know what is popular amongst students then you can visit Scholieren.com where thousands of questions are asked and answered.

And this way every branch has its own forum and you can always find one to gain inspiration for new topics.

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