Create your own avatar? You can, because WPjournalist is making an online tool available to create your own avatar which you can then download for FREE, share with others or upload directly to Gravatar.

How can I create an avatar?

This is how you do it:

Step 1: Click on one of the figures below. You can choose between a man or a woman.

Step 2: In the editor you can give the avatar ‘its own face’. You can vary in skin tone, add a moustache, choose from many kinds of hair, noses and eyes. In short, too much to mention.

Step 3: Now you can edit the avatar yourself. The skin tone, noses, ears, mouth, hair colour, clothing and background. You can choose from various kinds of clothing and you can also choose your own background. You can completely set it up the way you want it.

Step 4: When the avatar is finished, it will be available for download. But there is also the option to place your avatar directly on This is a website which collects avatars and connects them to your website.

And through the RANDOM button you can generate a ready made avatar. If you want to start over, then press the RESET button.

Clear enough? Creating an avatar was never this easy. Good luck!

There are hundreds of possible combinations to create an avatar. Here are a few avatar examples:

avatar maken meisje

Meet Anika

This is an example of a girl avatar, her name is Anika. You can download her in two formats 200×200 and 400×400 pixels. The colours you can choose from are unlimited. For every element there are around fifteen to twenty choice options. Most avatars have quite a young appearance.

Meet Jonathan

Also with the boys there are a lot of varieties. This is Jonathan, who has a longer hairdo and big blue eyes. He is smartly dressed and is wearing a very nice, modern blue suit. But you can also choose a more informal appearance. The choice is yours!