Buffer is the best way to share social media

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Buffer is a useful tool to share your website articles on social media. You can add multiple accounts and publish articles in a time schedule (tomorrow or next week).

When you publish articles on your blog, you can’t do without social media anymore. It’s important to share your articles to draw more visitors to your blog.

Research shows that only 3 percent of the people see your shared tweet. So it’s important to share the same article on social media more than once.


Managing all your social media takes quite some time. To shorten this you can use Buffer.

This is a tool which allows you to post something on Facebook or Twitter with just one click.

You can use four social media accounts in the free version of Buffer. For example Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.

You can share a maximum of ten posts at once. In the paid version this is ten and one hundred.


Why use Buffer?

The large benefit is that you can ‘schedule’ your posts with this. You can set up a couple of tweets upfront in a time schedule.

A good schedule is:

Tomorrow – in two days – in a week – in a month – in three months.

So you don’t have to place the tweet over and over again, Buffer does this automatically. You can also edit every tweet and change the content.

Instead of posting a tweet every day of the week, you can provide all your social media with posts in an hour.

Much more clear and efficient!

pablo dashboard


Buffer also has another fun tool, Pablo. This is connected directly to Buffer. You can easily create a quote with this with a nice background. Very popular on social media.

You can create a quote in no time and share it directly through your social media.

pablo tool om quotes te maken

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